Donald trump called to show support for online gambling

The battle for legal regulation and acceptance of online gambling seems to be an ongoing one.

“According to Nevada Representative, Dina Titus, a group of state attorneys general have called for online gambling to be banned from the US.”

In response Titus wrote a letter to Vice President Elect Mike Pence calling on US President Elect Donald Trump to reject the letter signed by 10 attorneys general, in opposition of gambling.
The group has asked that Pence should take into consideration the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) which would ultimately ban online gambling in the country. The only exception would be daily fantasy sports and horse betting.

Unfair allegations

One of the co-signers of the letter was Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt and according to Titus, the letter submitted by the attorneys have a few inaccuracies and also makes some unfair allegations. Titus continued to say that the Gaming Regulation in the state of Nevada is excellent and could be considered “the international gold standard”.

Titus urged the newly elected President and Vice President to consider the consequences that could come from banning online gambling. Titus asked that they study the issue intently as making any immediate decisions could lead to a loss of jobs in the gaming industry as well as an infringement on state’s rights.

The leading states of legalised online gambling include Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Other states are considering legalising US online casinos as the market is thriving at the moment and could potentially bring in a lot of revenue.