Payment Methods for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

Apart from wading through many brick and mortar online casinos to find trustworthy ones, avid gamblers must also consider the best mode of payment. It is vital because it is through it that funds get in and out of their accounts. Though there are several payment options, some casinos limit themselves to a few. Players, therefore, must select the best mode that fits their personal banking needs. Some payment options do restrict players from certain countries. For instance, some online casinos and sportsbooks don’t allow US based players. However, others may allow, but they may not offer other flexible banking options.

What payment methods are supported by online casinos and sportsbooks?

Credit Cards

These may include Visa, DinersClub, and MasterCard. They are the most commonly used by online casinos and sportsbooks for making deposits. A player just needs to provide their personal details and have their accounts funded immediately. While Credit cards are an excellent mode of payment, some players are skeptical about disclosing their personal information. However, it is recommended to consider first if the casino is trustworthy. The advantage of using credit cards is that deposits are done instantly. Additionally, in case a casino defrauds a player, they can still reclaim their money but can take some time. For withdrawals, it can be done in some countries via Visas as MasterCard and DinersClub are limited.


ClickandBuy is a German-based e-wallet mode of payment that allows for both deposits and withdrawals in multiple currencies. It is one of the biggest payment methods that also provide real-time support to customers. Since deposits are instant, ClickAndBuy makes the most appropriate mode of payment for gaming. Deposits reflect instantly and can be made directly from one’s bank account. Another benefit of ClickandBuy is that one does not have to disclose their bank details when purchasing online. Most online casinos accept it.

Bank Wire

It is also referred to as credit transfer. It allows transfer of funds from one a player’s account to casino and back. The method can be executed by contacting a local bank or any other specialized cash office. It is considered one of the safest as well as the easiest mode of payment. However, there are bank charges attached to transfer of funds through Bank Wire.


Also called e-money, Neteller is an e-wallet used by millions of users from different countries. Nowadays, most modern online casinos accept Neteller for making payments. Similarly, pro gamers also prefer the method. In fact, Neteller won the 2014 Prepaid365 Award for both privacy and overall spend prepaid card.


PayPal is one most popular online payment method used by millions of people. With its hassle-free deposits, payouts, and withdrawals, PayPal makes the best mode for making payments in online casinos and sportsbooks. It is a standard method used by several reputable casinos. PayPal, however, does not allows deposits to Sportsbooks for American-based players because of the gambling restrictions in the country. Users can double check their states’ laws before using PayPal.


These prepaid cards are available in denominations of 10 and 100 in Euro and GBP currencies. They are accepted by many online stores and casinos. It is ideal for those who may not be safe using their credit cards online. They don’t disclose one’s personal banking details. However, they don’t allow withdrawals.


It is a debit card that allows withdrawals and deposits. A user just registers and funds their account to use in online gambling. Sportsbooks, Casinos and online pokers accept EcoCard mode of payment.


It is a Canada-based e-wallet that allows for deposits and withdrawals in many countries of the world. Deposits are instant, and customer support is excellent. One does not need to disclose their personal information. However, it does not permit US-based players.


EntroPay enables a player to register in any of the online casinos. Deposits are displayed instantly. Withdrawals are also very straightforward. The disadvantage with it is that it has banned US-based players.


Online banking has emerged to be the quickest and most reliable mode of payment, particularly for the online gamblers. Players can make deposits and withdrawals from the comfort of their homes. Before choosing one, it is advisable to select the one that is flexible to one’s banking needs.