Various types of poker games

There are number of different types of poker games. Few of these are popular and played around the world, few are less common. Generally, it is well known ones that are usually provided on online poker sites. The games are normally the ones played in poker rooms and land based casinos. The most played poker game is Texas holdem. Along with these, poker games can even be played in various formats. The major difference is between cash games, where cash is won and lost on every tournament and hands, where gamers all begin with certain level of chips and the focus is to win them all.

Speed poker:

There is a speed poker, a recent format that is played at a rapid pace. Games can be divided on the betting limit availed. The betting limit says how much gamers can bet at different stages and contains a major effect on the strategy process. The key limits availed are standard limit and no limit, there are also others to select from. The different types of betting limits are pot limit, fixed limit, spread limit, no limit and cap limit. The important method to classify a poker game knows whether it is tournament or a cash game. Speed poker is a new version of the game which has been launched at numerous online poker sites. This game played mainly utilizing Texas holdem and be played availing the cash game or tournament format.

Texas hold’em:

The fixed rules are same however it is played at a major rapid pace. When you fold a hand, automatically you are working in to another one. This deals by availing a pool of players who are steadily moving tables instead of seating players at a particular table. Texas hold’em has got its title like the universal’s favorite type of poker. It is played easily and featured model played at online poker site. Most of the time poker is the game of option for big live tournaments and the largest cash games also. A major reason for the fame of this game is the simplicity of that is very easy to study.


Mastering the Texas hold’em is very tough and its challenging feature is a big portion of its attraction also. Next game Omaha has more similarities with Texas hold’em. This game is always desired by players which prefer the truth it produces more of action. There are some differences of Omaha with the usual being Omaha hi-lo and Omaha high. It is better to study the high model prior hi-lo, due to the reason it is surely the easy of the two. Prior the fame of Texas hold’em spread, the most played model is seven card stud is the poker game among professionals and serious players.

Other types:

In this model you get lot of details to deal with than you get in others and most of the people complaint that this shows there is lot of skill and strategy involved and less opportunity to win. Even though not very famous like other versions of poker games, razz is enjoyed by plenty of players. Five card draw, mixed game formats are also variations of poker game.